[Samba] filename mapping

Russell Packer russell.packer at arnoldinteractive.com
Thu Oct 7 15:30:03 GMT 2004

> Subject: [Samba] filename mapping
> Using samba.2.2.5 I have a problem with Windows<->Unix filename
> On Unix the file is named: "??"???,???.HTM
> On Windows it is displayed as ~N#.HTM
> However, when I try to delete the file I get a file not found failure.
> appears
> that the mapping may not be symetric.
> I will be moving the service to 3.0.7 in a couple of months so I am
> too worried
> if this problem is not also in 3.0.7.
> Phil.

I sorted my filename issues out by mounting shares with "mount -t
cifs..." instead of smbmount.

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