Fw: Re: [Samba] windows small buisness server and SMB

Paul Espinosa pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
Thu Oct 7 13:56:01 GMT 2004

.----[ Shaun Feeley wrote ]----
|  hi guys,


|  now im pretty sure ive been told that windows small buisness server 2003
|  cannot be a member of a domain without needing to be the PDC is this
|  true.  i cannot find where i read this so i was hoping one of you may be
|  able to confirm this either way.
|  thanks for your help

That is true.  We ran into the same problem.  However, you can turn off that
functionality.  And then join it to a Samba domain without a problem.  I
don't know what effect that would have on Exchange running on the Small
Business server as we are only using it for a MSSQL/application server.

Unfortunalely it was one of my windows admins that turned off that "feature"
that requires it to be a PDC and he's since left the company and I don't
know how to do it.  But it definately can be done.  I think it was had to be
done through a commandline command and not through a gui of any kind.

Paul Espinosa
pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
IT Supervisor
The World Company

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