[Samba] windows small buisness server and SMB

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Oct 7 13:07:19 GMT 2004

>> now im pretty sure ive been told that windows small buisness server 2003
>> cannot be a member of a domain without needing to be the PDC is this
>> true.  i cannot find where i read this so i was hoping one of you may be
>> able to confirm this either way.
>> thanks for your help

> so should be able to add it to the smb domain but you cant use all 
> funktions 

SBS is designed to be *THE* server, I think it includes SQL server as 
well for the full trifecta.  You can't add a DC to a SBS controlled 
domain and you can't have it as the member of another domain.  Maybe you 
can add a trust to your smb domain, but that seems doubtful as well 
since the box is supposed to be your one stop shop for Windows service 
setup.  That of course makes it kind of hard to do a backup machine, but 
I guess if you've got the money for two machines you've got the money 
for two full Win Server licenses and CALs I guess.

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