[Samba] windows small buisness server and SMB

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Thu Oct 7 05:46:02 GMT 2004

Shaun Feeley schrieb:
> hi guys,
> just want to confirm something.
> at the moment im running around 30 XP workstations with a SMB domain
> controller / file / print server.  anyway another collegue has purchased
> a new server running microsoft small buisness server 2003 and has set it
> up to run microsofts sharepoint software. She is keen to add this server
> as a member of our main domain.
> now im pretty sure ive been told that windows small buisness server 2003
> cannot be a member of a domain without needing to be the PDC is this
> true.  i cannot find where i read this so i was hoping one of you may be
> able to confirm this either way.
> thanks for your help
My last info about that produkt goes, that this is a mixed win 
2003/exchange server ( giving small companies the first shot to never 
turn back back windows addiction g ? ), so should be able to add it to 
the smb domain but
you cant use all funktions ( exchange )right out of the box (cause they 
need to have the active directory ), so if sharepoint needs to have 
active directory,which iam strongly guess of , forget it.
My last info about this Produkt from my win admin friend ( its true i 
have some g ) dont use this it , cause the services arent work work very 
good together , cause of the general software layout.
I would recommend to search for gnu alternatives for sharepoint ( 
whatever it is )

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