[Samba] Best locking strategy

Pierre Montagne pierm at sgi.com
Wed Oct 6 17:43:26 GMT 2004


I have a customer having one samba server (running samba 3.0.0 and IRIX
6.5.22f) where the share is exported read-only to 5 editing systems running
Windows XP. The files are written in that share with ftp.

So ftp is write only, and smb concurrent read-only. It is possible that the
Windows clients work on growing files.
It works basically very well, but from time to time, there is a kind of
congestion, samba response times are very high.
After having checked the complete network setup, the next point to check is
the samba configuration.

The current configuration is:
  comment = Rohmaterial
  path = /smb/clips/rohmaterial
  read only = Yes
  Browsable = Yes
  fake oplocks = Yes 

And now the questions:
1) I am considering to also disable the locking (locking = no). I have read
a lot about locking and oplocks during the last 2 days, but I am not 100%
sure if it is a good idea to do it. Any comment about that ?

2) Would it make sense to disable the kernel oplocks to avoid oplock breaks
when the material coming over ftp is growing ?

3) If 1 and 2 are simply stupid, what would be the best locking strategy in
that setup ?

Thanks for input,

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