[Samba] random errors "the local drive name is already in use. This connection has not been restored."

yves.lejeune at kodak.com yves.lejeune at kodak.com
Wed Oct 6 14:37:36 GMT 2004

(Sorry for the first incomplete answer, here is the long version)

Thanks for your suggestions.

Unfortunately, my warning messages do not happen at login time.
They happen during the use of the share, and in most cases the persistent 
option was not set.

I have checked the "idle time before disconnecting" option in the security 
settings: it is set to 0,
as recommended on some Windows help sites..

I have checked MS known problems, and found a few ones which are supposed 
to be fixed in Windows 2000 SP 3.
Something strange is that they mention the same error message with the 
"device" word instead of "drive".
Other problems refer to anti-virus tools, e.g. VirusScan: I have it but do 
not think it is involved, because I have a version number
higher that the one which is supposed to fix the bug, and I have disabled 
the scan of network drives,
and test PC do not have it.

My current conclusion is that the error message is just an alias for the 
"normal" disconnection popup.
So I just have to find why I get disconnections...

Would you be aware of temporary disconnection caused by network timeouts ?
And were to tune the timers ? I could not find any parameter at Windows 

Best Regards,
Yves Lejeune.

> "Hamish" <captainmish at gmx.net> wrote:
> I had the same problem with XP.
> Modifying the login script to delete the mapping first was the only cure 
I found.
> and just recently I found Service Pack 2 fixes this in XP!
> I don't know how the other OSs might be affected.
> Steve

> Gerald Bird <rocknrollgolfer at shaw.ca>@INTERNET wrote:
> I have had this problem unrelated to samba. I believe it is in the login 
scripts. Perhaps you are using the "net use /persistent" switch when you 
do no need to?
> Regards,

> Brad Otto <bottojr at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> I think this is possibly a windows problem, I have had the same error in 

> high usage workgroup situations with win2000. There is a relatively 
> simple fix, I think if you search MS for the error message it is there.
> H
> Brad Otto wrote:
> >Try using:
> >
> >net use * /delete /yes
> >
> >Before mapping any drives in the login script.  This will clear any 
> >already mapped.  I do this in my login script to get rid of the drives 
> >XP/2k will sometimes hold on to and not let go on reboot.

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