[Samba] SuSE 9.1 Pro

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Oct 6 09:46:27 GMT 2004

Hi Chuck,
yast is a usefull tool, but
not very usefull for configure samba
your smb log tells the truth the failure can be seen there
try recreate the user
Chuck Chauvin schrieb:
> Actually the user is a domain user. And, as I stated in my example, I setup 
> a brand new user in Linux and Samba with even worse results.
> As far as my conf file goes, I moved the original smb.conf and recreated 
> this one using YaST.
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> Chuck Chauvin
> Network Administrator
> clchauvin at edcaugusta.com
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>>Hi Chuck now i think it is clear that your firewall is not envolved
>>anyway disable it until you fetch the bug.
>>at a short look
>>User bagginsadmin has Primary Group SID S-1-5-32-
>> > 544,
>> >  which conflicts with the domain sid S-1-5-21-2763611909-
>>969304523- > 3334035465. >  Failing operation. your user is not a 
>>domain user, your smb.conf is very small for a pdc but should be 
>>enough, as your samba does logs no blocking by a firewall is done in 
>>my suse setup i have passdb backend = smbpasswd:/etc/samba/smbpasswd
>>check if the user is exist /etc/passwd
>>and create him with smbpasswd -a user
>>This should help you out , but i recommend to read more on samba faq 
>>and suse example conf as well, cause your missing very usefull 
>>parameters in your conf Regards
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