[Samba] Slow Directory listing

DA Forsyth iwrTech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Wed Oct 6 08:34:05 GMT 2004

On 5 Oct 2004 , Thomas Werner entreated about
 "[Samba] Slow Directory listing":

} hi,
} on samba3 a have a directory "foo" with one subfolder "blah". the
} subfolder contains a huge subtree with lot of files (11gig). if i
} click on "foo" it takes 10 or more seconds to get the one folder
} "blah". but if i use the left foldertree of explorer, there are no
} problems, it's fast. what is the explorer looking for? size
} calculations?

it might be looking for icons for each program in the listing.  
somewhere else you said there are 32000 files, is that all in one 
folder?  seems a really large number to me, I'd split it up a bit.

} it there a hint or configuration param in the smb.conf to tune up
} explorer?

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