[Samba] ldap, Whatfor do I need winbind?

Adam Pordzik adresseverbummelt at gmx.de
Tue Oct 5 22:48:24 GMT 2004


I don't understand why I have to use winbind for domain-wide
user accounts. I have a PDC and a second server which joined
the Domain. All (posix)-Accounts are unique on these servers.

Both servers use the same sldap as passdb backend. To my knowledge
winbind is only needed when to authenticate agains windows servers.
Am I wrong? Are the any problems using the same slapd for multiple
samba servers?

Second, by fiddling with ACL I have noticed that the second server
reports "SERVER\username" as qualified users, rather than 
DOMAIN\username, as I'd expected and as it is on the PDC. Does this
occurs because of the absense of winbind, or whatelse is the reason
for this "effect"?

Thanks for comments



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