[Samba] Printer name changed in samba 3.0.7

Cavanaugh, Mike F MCavanaugh at xeroxlabs.com
Tue Oct 5 22:30:25 GMT 2004

We have a strange problem when using samba 3.0.7 where a printer's name
is changed to the name of the printer driver. We use samba to share out
printers from a fedora core 1 system. On a windows client they initially
show up accurately. When adding the windows driver from a windows client
for a new shared printer the driver files get transferred just fine.
However, the printer name in the Printer and Faxes folder suddenly gets
changed to the name of the printer driver just uploaded after clicking
the final OK in the windows dialog box. The name can be changed back to
its original name and the printer works fine and the properties can be
set. This did not happen in previous versions of samba. Would anyone
know the cause of this?

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