[Samba] Samba Shares not Refreshing contents

Omar Castañeda Acosta omar at idea.com.mx
Mon Oct 4 21:30:41 GMT 2004

Hello List,


I've seen this question multiple times in several forums, and no answers.


I've just setup a couple of Linux (fedora core2)/Samba servers that are supposed to act as NAS (2.7 and 3.7 TB respectively), samba is working fine and it's perfectly integrated to the active directory and NT domain (win2003 environment). However I've got a problem refreshing the contents of any folders whenever I create a new folder or rename a file. I've got to manually refresh the explorer windows (pressing F5) to see the changes,


Is there any way to make it work so explorer reloads the folder lists whenever they change? Basically, this is just an annoyance, 'because users won't use directly the samba shares. I want to upgrade our fileservers from win2003 to Linux/Samba later on, and then will become a big issue instead of just a minor annoyance.


As I said before I've seen this question on forums previously but couldn't find a decent answer. Even some Sun technician just answered to a customer that it was "pretty much the standard samba behavior". Is it true?


Thanks in Advance,


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