[Samba] Poor linux client performance (comparing to XP)

Bostjan Skufca at domenca.com bostjan.skufca at domenca.com
Mon Oct 4 12:49:23 GMT 2004


I haven't found anything useful googling around so I decided to ask here. 

I have a Linux server running Samba on 100Mbit/s ethernet. If I connect to it 
using WinXP, mount some share and download files from it it reaches about 
9MB/s transfer rate. Using FTP gives even higher transfer rates.

when I use linux to connect to (linux!) server, mount shares and download 
files then transfer speed reaches only about 3-4 MB/s. Using smbclient is a 
bit faster (0.5-1MB but not always). Using other linux workstations (faster 
machine) i could only boost transfer rate to 5.0-5.5MB/s.

Server and workstation machines are using 2.4.27 and samba 2.2.12 (slackware 

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Best regards,
Bostjan Skufca

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