[Samba] smbfs hang with moderate use

Jake Brownson jakeb at iname.com
Sun Oct 3 19:12:00 GMT 2004

This may not be the place to talk about smbfs, but it's also possible this is a samba problem... 
Here's the situation, I mount a share on my Linux client from a Linux samba server, and it seems to work okay at 
first... If I try and play a video from the share, it hangs after an unspecified time, maybe 5-10 mins... if I try and 
play multiple video's, or let konquror try and thumbnail them then it hangs very quickly (seconds). 
By hang I mean this: 
if I try and do an ls in the directory above the mount, ls hangs... if I try and access any files/directories in the 
mount the software accessing them hangs, if something was accessing it when the initial hang happens I have to kill -9 
it. Then I killall smbmount, and umount -l the mount, and all is back to normal. 
I have tested this to/from different distro's/machines including Mandrake, Debian, and Gentoo. All exibited the same 
I am running a 2.6.x kernel on all machines used for testing 
I also tried using MS Windows XP as a server, and it seemed to run just fine. I was unable to get it to hang. This leads 
me to believe it may be samba that is causing the problems. 
Any ideas? 
~Jake B 
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