[Samba] Switch profile from local to roaming?

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Sun Oct 3 12:59:47 GMT 2004

You could try this:
on the local computer add an account, right click "my computer" > manage 
 > Local Users and Groups > rclick > add user. Put your domain in and 
the user name (the user must be a domain user already) Make them a power 
Log off, log on as new user to domain, log off (this will make a section 
for them under docs and settings.
Log on as domain admin.
Right click my computer > properties > advanced > User Profiles : Settings.
Select the old account (it will be in the format user/localmachinename)
Click "Copy To"
Go to the documents and settings dir (usually C:) and select the new 
domain users dir you just made by logging on as her.
Select this dir
Click "Permitted to use: change"
Select the DOMAIN user, ie DOMAIN\User
Press OK, account is copied exactly, log off
Log on to domain as new user, log off (this copies the files to the 
roaming location)

This has always worked for me, the only thing that sometimes does not 
work is that their desktop background changes. I normally just tell them 
to sod off if they complain, but you can get it back (it is still 
selected in the display properties, just browse for the file again and 

Hope that helps,

Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:

>On Thursday 30 September 2004 02:58, deff wrote:
>>You had your answers right in front of ya.
>>Every xp includes "Files and Settings transfer wizard" (accessories->system
>>tools) for this job.
>>It's simple :
>I had high hopes for this.  I went and did it this afternoon.  First I tried 
>copying only the settings.  I put them in a folder on her hard drive, made 
>that folder fully controllable by SAMBADOMAIN/heruser as well as 
>LOCALCOMPUTER/heruser.  Logged into the Samba domain, imported her settings, 
>and logged off.  Logged back in and it SAID it had transferred her settings.  
>But it had not!  I don't understand why, So right now I am doing it again, 
>having chosen both files AND settings.  This doesn't seem right as it is 
>copying every file off her entire computer.  However I will try it and see. 
>Thanks for the suggestion anyway.  :/
>>1. login as local user, run wizard, select old computer, select some
>>directory to store your data, click next, wait till its done, logoff.
>>2. login as new user, run wizard, select new computer, find directory you
>>stored your data to, click next, wait till its done, relogon.
>>You're done.
>>Migrated some 20 pcs with it and it was a breeze, however, there might be
>>some issues with file ownerships, but users don't complain so neither do I.
>>On Wednesday 29 September 2004 19:50, Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:
>>>I've got a WinXP machine that was configured for local profiles.  I have
>>>now joined that machine to the domain, but when I try to log in as a
>>>user, it tries to use a roaming profile.  Fine, that's what I want
>>>anyway.  But it doesn't do the smart thing and copy the user's local
>>>profile to roaming -- it gives an error instead.  OK, no problem, I will
>>>change the type.  I log in as local admin and go to her profile.  It only
>>>gives me Local as an option. Maybe it's because I'm not logged into the
>>>domain.  OK, I log into the domain as Administrator (alias root -- uid of
>>>0).  It doesn't even let me SEE her profile then.  Because it is local, I
>>>assume.  So ok, I add MYDOMAIN\Administrator as a local administrator on
>>>her machine.  It lets me see her profile now but I still can't change it
>>>to roaming.  And every time I try to copy it into either Administrator's
>>>directory on the server, or hers, it gives me Permission Denied.
>>>So what is the real way to get this accomplished?

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