[Samba] Listening to .wav files let the share "die"?

julius julius.junghans at gmx.de
Sun Oct 3 10:00:45 GMT 2004


i can watch movies from my samba shares, but if i use xmms to play wav files and for example listen some seconds to every song the connection dies after a few songs. even ls gives me "input/output error", i can remount the share just after it was dead....but its just a question of time.

ive tried different hds, different filesystems (xfs seems to perform better then reiserfs in my case) and updated to 3.0.7....no luck.
harddisk encryption with reiserfs/xfs shouldnt be a problem to samba if it worked with the rest of the system before?
i can copy the music with scp at about 10Mbyte/s.

Any ideas?


kernel 2.6.8
samba 3.0.7
on both systems

Heres the server config:

workgroup = new
netbios name = bootcd
guest account = nobody
guest ok = yes
log file = /var/log/log.samba
log level = 1
security = share

        socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
        read raw = yes                     # Default
        write raw = yes                    # Default
        oplocks = yes                      # Default
        max xmit = 65535                   # Default
        dead time = 15                     # Default is 0
        getwd cache = yes
        lpq cache = 30

#wins support = yes
wins server = 192.168.xx.xx

#domain master = yes
#local master = yes
#preferred master = yes
#os level = 65
interfaces = eth0
bind interfaces only = Yes

        comment = naja
        path = /mnt/music
        read only = yes

        comment = naja
        path = /mnt/test
        read only = yes

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