[Samba] remove user's home from samba

outerheaven.liste outerheaven.liste at tiscali.it
Fri Oct 1 13:32:58 GMT 2004

I was looking at the samba log while I'm lokking with a username and 
I've seen:
couldn't find service username
but I don't have published a service like that! I've removed the [home] 
from smb.conf. I've already moved to /dev/null the user's homes from 
passwd, now I'd like to do the same with pdbedit -r -h /dev/null -u username
but it doesn't work...
when I give pdbedit -Uv username
I still see in Home Directory the //sambaPDC/username

Is there a way out to this little problem? If I don't the only think 
happening is that log? Will the client take a little longer while it 
tries to link to that unavailable share?
Thanks for the suggestions,

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