[Samba] WINS names intermittently unregister after 5 days

Leon Stringer leon.stringer at nhs.net
Fri Oct 1 14:17:07 GMT 2004

>Realising it isnt quite relevent to your posting, I had trouble
>ago with our company PDC's WINS record disappearing from the corporate 
>WINS box. Rebooting our PDC would make it appear again.

>In our case we never did quite resolve the reason (both NT4 boxes) but 
>doing a manual clean on the WINS servers (about 4 of them) fixed it. 
>There was some thought that errant data was being propogated in a 
>circle. What I am getting at here is similar things happen with the M$ 

Bob, thanks for your reply. It does sound very similar. You've listed
some good ideas to try, I'll have to work through these.

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