[Samba] Server not responding after Samba upgrade

Dusan Djordjevic dj.dule at beotel.yu
Fri Oct 1 14:02:28 GMT 2004

> >I used to run Samba 2.2.9 on Debian Woody. Yesterday I upgraded it
> > (with all necessary packages) to 3.0.7. Since then, Samba on that
> > server do not respond to netbios queries, only to direct access via
> > IP. Also, when I try to resolv its name using nmblookup, I cannot
> > find it.
> >
> >When I access to server via IP address everything works fine.

> I had a problem with White Box EL 3 (RHEL3 in fact) when I upgraded
> it to 3.0.6, the problem was about kerberos tickets. The enviroment
> was a 2000 SP2 hybird PDC and linux machine was just a member.
> I tried recently with version 3.0.7 wich the RPM package from
> samba.org, what was suposed to solve that problem, but still failed.
> Solution, Downgrade to original distro samba version. 3.0.0. Now
> everything working right. If you don't want a downgrade, and the PDC
> is working in hybrid mode, just try RPC join to the domain, not ADS. 
> Good luck, and better if you provide more info about your enviroment
> and your samba configuration.

I am not sure does it have anything with domain since I use server in 

2 things are strange also. First is that I have one test server with 
almost the same configuration and hardware on network, and it works 
fine. I upgraded it prior to this one.

And second is that server which is not responding sometimes is being 
elected for master browser. Other computer names are resolved properly, 
except it is not responding, since its name cannot be resolved. 
Eng. Dusan Djordjevic (RHCE)

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