[Samba] Maximum file system size accessed with samba

Thibaud Tourneur thibaud.tourneur at dbee.com
Fri Oct 1 10:12:19 GMT 2004

Hi !

     I would like to connect a Linux machine A and a WindowsNT machine B 
to a machine S running under WindowsNT hosting raided disks (see 
graphics below).  The constraint is that the disks are seen as unique 
partition of (really) more than 2TB (two terabytes).

         +-------------------+  ,-'`-.
       S |     WindowsNT     |--|RAID|  > 2TB  (>> 2TB)
         |NFSv3srv     SMBsrv|  `-..-'
          /                 \
+----------+              +----------+
| NFSv3clt |              | SMBclt   |
|          |              |          |
|   Linux  |              | WindowsNT|
+----------+ A          B +----------+

     I've already got the certitude that an NFSv3 client (on A) is able 
to access the whole capacity of the hosted partition (on S) with an 
NFSv3 server.

     I would like to know if a SAMBA client (on B) would as well be able 
to access the whole capacity of the hosted partition (on S) with the 
appropriate SAMBA server.  Especially, if this is possible, I'd need to 
know whether Windows2003 is required or Windows2000 (or XP) is good enough.

     Today, I'm using an alternate solution using A (linux) as a relay 
between S (windows hosting disks) and B (windows) (see graphics below). 
  Machine A has a samba server and B a samba client.  And by the way, I 
would also like to know if linux samba server have limitations on shared 
filesystem size, and if not, what versions (client and server) are required.

         +-------------------+  ,-'`-.
       S |      Windows      |--|RAID|  > 2TB  (>> 2TB)
         |NFSv3srv           |  `-..-'
+----------+              +----------+
| NFSv3clt |              |          |
|  `-SMBsrv| ------------ |SMBclt    |
|   Linux  |              |  Windows |
+----------+ A          B +----------+

     Thanks for any answer.

Thibaud Tourneur
email: thibaud.tourneur at dbee.com

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