[Samba] Re: XP bug -- client spooler loop (MS KB 329234)

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Tue Nov 30 21:08:50 GMT 2004

Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:

> Thanks to Martin and Walter for pointing out that this
> is an old XP bug.
> Here's the link:
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;329234

this bug is fixed in XP SP2 and not the same as in "slow printing from 
xp sp2 clients".

> Unless someone can provide more information to show that
> this is not the bug you are seeing with "slow printing from
> xp sp2 clients", I'm marking this one off my list.
> Some old bugs never die I guess.

But I have some informations from our users, that samba 3.0.9 fixed the 
slow printing from xp sp2 clients :)

der tom

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