[Samba] Re: Re: SAMBA / LDAP / Domain Password change problem

Danny Paul jdpaul at gocolumbiamo.com
Tue Nov 30 20:07:08 GMT 2004

Remove the 'pam password change' option along with the 'remote announce'. 
Also take out the 'password chat' option - it's not needed with ldapsam.

It sounds like maybe your clients don't realize your PDC is also a WINS
server.  Is that info added to DHCPd?  If not, are the clients configured
to use it as a WINS server manually?

Also, I still stand by the wins.dat fix.  It seems like the wins file is
corrupted.  Try it again after everyone has left for the day.

One more thing, run your config through testparm to make sure there are no
errors.  Then catch the output of the testparm -s into a new smb.conf file. 
This way the conf file is optimised and the errors are removed.

I usually make all my changes to smb.conf.master, then do testparm -s
smb.conf.master > smb.conf.
Also, please do not contact me directly - only through the newsgroup

>>>John Schmerold <john at katy.com> 11/30 1:26 pm >>> 
Thanks but that didn't solve the problem, matter of fact things have 
gotten a little worse since I first wrote. None of the XP boxes will 
join the TOPC domain, boxes that have already joined aren't having the 
problem, just new joins seem to be giving us trouble. 
I'll wait until end of day when everyone is off system & try the 
wins.dat delete trick again, I've also added a couple lines that may 
make a difference with regard to the password change issue: 
pam password change = yes 
&the browsing issue: 
remote announce = 
local master = Yes 
Thanks again, it's really helpful having someone that knows what they 
are doing help out. 
John Schmerold 
Katy Computer & Wireless 
20 Meramec Station Rd 
Valley Park MO 63088 
636-861-6900 v 
775-227-6947 f 
Danny Paul wrote: 
>While it looks wrong, it is correct.  It means the subnet at that
>so you're OK there. 
>What you're experiencing is bad entries in the WINS.DAT file.  You should 
>stop smbd and nmbd, delete the wins.dat file 
>(/usr/local/samba/var/locks/wins.dat), then restart smbd and nmbd.  That 
>should fix your problem. 
>John Schmerold wrote: 
>>cat /var/log/samba/nmbd.log | grep error shows: 
>> register_name_response: WINS server at IP rejected our name 
>>registration of TOPC<00> IP with error code 5. 
>> register_name_response: WINS server at IP rejected our name 
>>registration of TOPC<1e> IP with error code 5. 
>>lists.samba.org has reported this error 6 times with no solutions 
>>listed, any idea what I'm doing wrong 
>>tail -50 <  /var/log/samba/nmbd.log shows following may be a problem, 
>>what do you think? 
>>Samba server FS1 is now a domain master browser for workgroup TOPC on 
>>Samba server FS1 is now a domain master browser for workgroup TOPC on 
>>Shouldn't the second line read ? 

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