[Samba] problem with cached netbios name of wins server

John H. mistamaila at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 19:48:55 GMT 2004

fc2, samba 3.0.9

The samba server is PDC.
Temporarily, the server was dhcp, which gave it the IP

we then set it to static, which is what
we want.

however, the different windows clients, on and off, on
ping and such, resolve INTRANET, the netbios name of
the pdc, to still, despite me removing

I even tried the following suggestion, to no avail

"add 'name resolve order = hosts bcast' to your
smb.conf (without the tick marks ') and add
'    Netbiosname' to your /etc/hosts
(where netbiosname is what you have in your smb.conf
file and again no ' marks)"

where is being stored, and how do i get
rid of it so INTRANET Is correctly resolved, always,

the router tells all the windows clients, which are
using dhcp, to use for wins.

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