[Samba] getent passwd and wbinfo -u returns machine names too

Tom tom at orange.us
Tue Nov 30 16:57:39 GMT 2004

Hi, first I like to thank the samba team for making it possible to keep the 
UID's consistant across multiple machine.

I've just got a quick question about my winbind implementation.
I'm running 3.0.9 on fedora core 2, using my AD for authentication via 

When I run 'getent passwd' or 'wbinfo -u' I get the computer names from AD 
as well as the usernames. (now the usernames are lowercased, I think that 
was a good idea BTW)
But when I run 'getent group' or 'wbinfo -g' all I get is the groups from AD 
(as well as locally).

Is this supposed to happen or have I set it up wrong?


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