[Samba] cannot change user password with CTRL-ALT-DEL

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Tue Nov 30 15:59:07 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 30 November 2004 10:53, g s wrote:
> Has anyone found a resolution to this problem? I am curiousif there is a
> reg hack or something to correct this behavior. Thanks for anyhelp. Running
> Samba 2.2.8a-13mdk on mandrake 9.2 with WinXPpro clients. Sambais the PDC.

This works for me in 3.0.x.  I actually didn't know until yesterday because I 
forgot to test it, and I had a user call me and ask "How do I change my 
password?"  I told them, crossed my fingers, and it worked.  I did not even 
have to put anything special in smb.conf, just "pam passwd change = yes" and 
"ldap passwd sync = yes" which would be replaced by "unix password sync = 
yes" if you are using /etc/passwd backend. 


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