[Samba] Configuration with Windows clients

Albert HERVO albert.hervo at sydel.fr
Tue Nov 30 14:12:26 GMT 2004


	I have troubles to configure a Samba Server to give access to a
shared directory and subdirectories on a LINUX Server :

		- Read access to everyboby WITHOUT need to give a login
(User/password): to all PCs on my network (workgroup)
		- Write access to only some Users , or some PC ( authorized by their

With this in the smb.conf file :

	- With Telnet, the users "root" and "myuser" can write in
	  but with a logical drive connected on /Common/Shared_Dir within
Windows, they can't !!
		The error message is "Impossible to copy file : access denied"

	path = /Common/Shared_Dir
	guest ok = yes
	create mask = 0775
	browseable = yes
	write list = root, myuser

Where :	root is the owner for /Common/Shared_Dir	on the LINUX Server
and :		"myuser" is a user in a group which has the rights 775 on

Thanks for help

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