[Samba] Problem with static WINS entries

Angel Galindo Muñoz agalindo at ub.edu
Tue Nov 30 13:14:49 GMT 2004


	I need to add static entries to my Samba 3.0.9 WINS server but I can't. 
Let's explain:

	The "Samba Collection Howto" chapter "Network Browsing" , section 
"Static WINS Entries" tells that I can edit my "wins.dat" file 
(/opt/samba/var/locks/wins.dat) to set the TTL of some entries to 0 . No 
matter if I edit the TTL of some existing entries (self-registered 
clients) or if I insert new lines  to that file : The file "wins.dat" is 
regenerated after it . May be this regeneration is due to network 

	This is an example of what I added:
"ONENBTNAME#03" 0 xxx.yyy.zzz.ttt 66R

	Trying, trying ... I've also tried with a "64R" flag (don't know what 
is it) and with the "#20" LanMan Netbios type : No way.

	As I can't make that name resolution work , I have edited my Samba's 
"lmhosts" file (/opt/samba/lib/lmhosts). I have added some entries to 
that file , and they are valid when my server is trying to resolve a 
NETBIOS name (i.e. executing "/opt/samba/bin/smbclient -L 
\\NETBIOS_NAME" on the WINS server), but when my WINS clients ask for 
those Netbios names to my WINS server, the answer is 'Unknown host".

	As you will see in my `testparm` , the "name resolve order" is "host 
lmhost bcast" :

[root at zoquero opt]# /opt/samba/bin/testparm
Load smb config files from /opt/samba-3.0.9/lib/smb.conf
Processing section "[usuarioprueba]"
Loaded services file OK.
WARNING: You have some share names that are longer than 12 characters.
These may not be accessible to some older clients.
(Eg. Windows9x, WindowsMe, and smbclient prior to Samba 3.0.)
Press enter to see a dump of your service definitions

# Global parameters
         workgroup = UBGRUPDETREBALL
         server string = Servidor WINS de proves
         log level = 3
         log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
         max log size = 50
         name resolve order = host lmhost bcast
         load printers = No
         preferred master = Yes
         domain master = Yes
         dns proxy = No
         wins support = Yes

         comment = Share per l'usuarioprueba
         path = /home/usuarioprueba
         valid users = usuarioprueba

	What amb I doing wrong? Is there any way to add static entries to my 
WINS server? Thanks a lot in advance,

Angel Galindo Muñoz
University of Barcelona

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