[Samba] Samba Authenticate against Active Directory

Roland Carlsson roland.carlsson at alfa-moving.se
Tue Nov 30 08:02:12 GMT 2004


I'm trying to use the Samba Serrver Configuration tool to make Samba
authenticate and authorize users against our Active Directory Server. But
I'm doing something wrong since I can't get it to work.

Our network has the AD at and the domain in ALFA-MOVING. So in
the Server Settings dialog I have:

Authenicate mode: ADS
Authenticate Server:
Keberos Realm: ALFA-MOVING
Encrypt password: YES
Guest Account: No guest Accont

I don't know if it related but I also have done some settings in the
Autentication Configuration where I have checked Enable WinBind support and
in the Winbind Settings dialog:

Winbind Domain: ALFA-MOVING
Security model: ADS (there is a lowercase option to but it seems to be the
Winbind ADS realm: ALFA-MOVING
Winbind domain controller:
Template shell: /bin/sh

When trying to "join domain" it says nothing about failure or success but
when looking at the AD-server the server is not in the domain.

Thank you very much in advance
Roland Carlsson

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