[Samba] NT4 replacement + NT4 BDC

JB Hewit johnblade at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 05:47:50 GMT 2004

Hi all,
I've got a customer who has 2 x NT4 servers.  They already have quite
a few Samba 2 and Samba 3 servers acting in Domain/Winbind role using
authentication of the NT4 PDC.

I want to replace the PDC with a Samba 3 server and get rid of the
aging NT4 PDC.  Problem is that there are few (financial) legacy
applications that must be run on a Microsoft platform (namely on the
BDC server).

Should I keep the BDC server and promote it to a PDC, then having all
the Samba servers point to it for authentication?

Or should I create a new domain with Samba as the master and make the
BDC a member of this new domain?

Either way it's a migration process, any ideas, suggestions?
      JB Hewitt
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