[Samba] logon scripts execute randomly

Lee Baker LBaker at mcauley.org.uk
Mon Nov 29 17:27:33 GMT 2004

I have a similar problem since upgrade to Samba 3.0.x - must admit I've
not tried debugging the problem yet.  Have around 1500 users across ~50
XP (SP2) workstations - problem tends to occur ~2 in every 30 users.
Logon script does seem to execute though - it's just the drives that
don't map.

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I use samba 3.0.9 as a pdc with ldapsam. In the ldap entries, for every
there is a logon script sambaLogonScript. I only use two different
for 1000 users and 100 computers. The scripts lehrer.bat and
reside in the netlogon share and provide more shares with the net use

>From the user's perspective, this often works well. sometimes, however,
script is not executed, without further notice, and the users see only
own home directory. more proficient users still can connect to the
and use the other shares, but the less technically minded fail.

If it didn't work at all, I could maybe live with it, but this drives me
crazy ;-) The domain has only one server, so it shouldn't be a conflict
between two servers.

has anybody seen this before? google and a search in bugzilla have not
yielded much so far.

thanks for any input!

mathias schenker
gymnasium liestal

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