[Samba] Samba fc3: accent problem - smbfs vs cifs

Bertrand forumemail2 at softhome.net
Mon Nov 29 14:38:07 GMT 2004

I connect a FC3 laptop to a FC3 server thru samba (+other windows pc).
Thanks to Raúl D. Pittí Palma in this mailing list, I found a solution
to display the non-english characters (é, à, è ...à) correctly in the
filenames on the server. Based on the /etc/samba/smb.conf and
the /etc/sysconfig/i18n described at the end of this post, I have
changed the fstab command line. In some case the accent display properly
and in others it does not. Kind of weird... Here are the test results:

***** if /etc/fstab contains
// /mnt/serveur    cifs
user,rw,uid=bgirin,credentials=/etc/samba/pwd_bg   0 0

->the accent display properly. It also works without the user option.

***** if /etc/fstab contains
// /mnt/serveur   smbfs
rw,uid=bgirin,credentials=/etc/samba/pwd_bg,codepage=cp850   0 0

->the accent display properly

BUT if /etc/fstab contains
//   /mnt/serveur   smbfs
user,rw,uid=bgirin,credentials=/etc/samba/pwd_bg,codepage=cp850 0 0

-> it does not work anymore. In that case Nautilus finds that any
filename containing accent is unicode invalid.

Note that the when the user option is set-up, gnome automatically
displays a shortcut to the mounted file on the desktop.

Anyone knows why the 'user' option influences the character display ?

Why it does that for smbfs and not cifs ?


=========== smb.conf file on the server (fc3) ===============
workgroup = MYGROUP
netbios name = SAMBA
server string = Samba Server
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size = 1000
unix extensions = No
load printers = No
hosts allow =, 192.168.0.
hosts deny = all

comment = Home Directories
read only = No

============ i18n files on both laptop & server ===============

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