Still problems with 3.0.9 and AD WAS::Re: [Samba] Problem with lowercase Computernames in winbind samba 3.0.8

Hansjoerg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at
Mon Nov 29 06:53:34 GMT 2004


thank you for your reply.
It is good to know, that we don't have to use winbind, if we are using 
users from nis and not from the AD-Domain.
I thought there might be a kind of a way to use winbind without let him 
doing the userid generation and the nss things 
(as a kind of proxy for including userinformation directly from the 
MS-Domain to samba)

Unfortunatly, switching completly to winbind would not be possible in 
our heterogenous network (Solaris, IRIX, Linuy, VxWorks...),
and using a third (manually generated) database for hostnames (when 
putting them in passwd) near NIS hosts and DNS would be some work too.

As you can see, I am not an expert in SMB things,
but would it be reasonable and if so possible to
- merge nis and winbind (getting users only from nis passwd database and 
hosts (only hosts with $ ) from winbind)
- ask winbind directly from samba for a machine name (not going through  
system nss an back to winbind again)

I am sure, the best way for aur situation would be to move to samba and 
openldap as a pdc instead of W2003.
But unfortunatly we are using a Citrix Terminalserverfarm, and I am not 
sure, if settings like TerminalServerProfilePath
(we use) are included in samba.

Thank you very much



Andrew Bartlett schrieb:

>On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 14:59 +0100, Hansjoerg Maurer wrote:
>>I reported a problem with samba as a AD-memberserver two weeks ago.
>>If you acess a share with a W2k client (rmts1) the
>>following message appears
>> Username NTROBOTIC\rmts1$ is invalid on this system
>>I get the unix-users from NIS.
>>Do I need winbind (I am running it, and wbinfo -g/u works)?
>>Do I need to adjust nsswitch.conf in order to get the machines appear in 
>>getent passwd
>>(I tried it, it works, but it does not solve the problem above and it 
>>duplicates usernames (nis+winbindd))
>You must either add all your machines to NIS, or use only winbind.
>Yes, machines can, do and will log in, and they expect this to work.
>Andrew Bartlett


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