[Samba] Samba File locking details

Billy Newport bnewport at us.ibm.com
Sun Nov 28 07:11:22 GMT 2004

Information on this seems sketchy.

I have samba 2.2 on RHEL 2.1. I have two clients (written in Java using a 
1.4.2 JDK). The clients try to lock the same file with an exclusive lock. 
Both clients always succeed, i.e. locking doesn't seem to work. I have 
oplocks turned off on the share and locking = yes also. Can someone help 
debug this?

Also, if a client managed to get an X lock on a file and the client box 
failed, when is the lock released? NFS v4 uses a lease mechanism, how does 
samba release such locks?


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