[Samba] samba 3.0.9, winbind and NT4

halemb halemb at wp.pl
Fri Nov 26 13:11:48 GMT 2004

I'm trying to set up samba 3.0.9 as domain member server.
When I try to join NT4 domain using "net rpc join" it added an account 
in NT4 domain but in lowercase !! I have to delete it on nt4 and add it 
again using uppercase letters - then it works. Why?? In smb.conf I have 
netbios name written in uppercase. I've even tried net -n !!
Another problem is that when I try to join to domain and I'm allready in 
domain - I get "joined domain xxx" but wbinfo -u says "error looking up 
domain users". 
wbinfo -t get: 
checking the trust secret vie rpc calls failed.
error code was NT_STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE. Could not check secret.

What is wrong???I don't have this problem in samba 3.0.2a althought I use the 
same linux and samba configuration.
Pawel Gawenda
halemb at wp.pl

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