[Samba] Solaris 9 (sparc), Heimdal kerberos and Samba 3.0.9

Spicer, Kevin (MBLEA it) Kevin.Spicer at bmrb.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 20:26:14 GMT 2004

I've been having some problems with compiling samba 3.0 with kerberos
support using the heimdal libraries.  My problems are the same as those
detailed in these two archive posts (one from here, one from elsewhere)
Quick summary: Samba attempts to use both the Heimdal gssapi.h and the
Solaris native one, resulting in all sorts of conflicts...
It doesn't look like this problem has been adequately fixed yet.
I've done some digging and found that this is caused by Samba including
rpc.h, which in turn includes rpcsec_gss.h, which then includes
Solaris's gssapi.h
I finally manage to build by editing include.h and moving the gssapi.h
include above the rpc.h include and additionally defining _GSSAPI_H_  so
that the solaris native gssapi would ifndef itself out.  I'm hoping
thats nots going to have any unforseen consequences.  I've certainly
been able to join the AD domain and authenticate sucessfully.

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