[Samba] Unable to join Redhat 9 samba server to a windows 2003 domain

Cooper, Chris C.Cooper at Cranfield.ac.uk
Thu Nov 25 10:03:52 GMT 2004

We have a stock redhat 9 build with samba 3.0.9 installed (via rpm from
the samba site).
We are trying to join the samba server to a windows 2003 domain and have
followed the official howto to set up our krb5.conf and smb.conf files.
We have turned off samba signing on the windows DC's and also in our
Everything seems to be ok, for example:
# kinit Administrator at OUR.REALM
Seems to work and klist shows a valid ticket.
However when we then run:
# net ads join -UAdministrator
We get:
Administrator's password: 
[2004/11/25 09:39:47, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup(186)
  ads_connect: No such file or directory
Does anyone know what we are missing here? This is our first attempt at
doing this so please point out anything obvious which we may have

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