[Samba] smbmount, max_xmit and block size negotiation

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Nov 25 06:42:40 GMT 2004


I am wondering what the right way is to have smbmount negotiate a 
block size value of more than 4kB with the Samba server.

I cannot seem to let smbmount understand the value I want it to use. I 
assumed first it gets this from smb.conf, and by adding DEBUG() info to 
the code and printing c->max_xmit, that's what it is using in smbmount.c.

I also tried influencing the number using the sockopt smbmount option, but 
with no effect. The smbd itself is using max xmit of either 65535 or 
32384. Neither seem to have an effect on the negotiation. The resulting 
connection (from Linux to Linux) seems to always use 4kB blocks.

I'm debugging this with:

	tethereal -c 100 -i bond0 port 445

How can I debug the actual negotiating process ? Wouldn't it be useful to 
have ethereal display this information, or is this already visible somehow ?

Any help would be very welcome. If smbmount is not able to use anything 
other than 4kB blocks, would a patch to add a max_xmit option to smbmount 
be accepted ?

PS I noticed that the 2.0.2 smbmount option had a -m switch for defining 
max_xmit, but in 2.0.3 it was removed. I'm using 3.0.9 myself.

Thanks in advance,
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