[Samba] PROFILES - XP - SAMBA 3.0.8 - 3.0.9

Jan Kellerhoff kelly at visthetic.com
Wed Nov 24 16:48:40 GMT 2004

Please anyone can help me?

We use samba 3.0.9 at the moment as pdc with xp clients.
Since 3.0.8 the profiles are no more loaded from the server.
Only members of the admingroup are having functional profiles.
XP tries to load them, I offered an empty folder for a poweruser,
which was found, but the profile is only temporary and not
copied to the server (xp doesn't report any error on logon or logoff,
deleting the users-folder results in an error, like "not found using 
I did no chamnges to the registry, using XP SP2, after clean setup
the machine still behaved like that.

Does anyone know, out of which parts poweruser-roaming profiles
are build, if they don't exist? From the local "Default User"???

Thank you for your help.


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