[Samba] Trying to find a bottleneck

David Brodbeck DavidB at mail.interclean.com
Tue Nov 23 20:20:23 GMT 2004

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> From: Jeff Morrow [mailto:jmorrow at jmorrow.org]

> On the windows side, the network utilization monitor says 
> that network 
> load stays around 25-30%.  It occasionally gets as high as 40%.  CPU 
> usage on the windows side is negligible.  On the linux side, 
> top reports that smbd is taking about 30% CPU.
> I'm confused by the fact that neither network utilization nor 
> CPU usage on either computer is getting anywhere near 100%.

I doubt you'll ever hit 100%.

The most basic reason is you're using a PCI bus ethernet controller.  A
quick check of the specs for the RTL8169 you mentioned shows it's a 32-bit,
33/66 MHz PCI card.  If you're using it in a 33 MHz slot, your maximum bus
bandwidth is only a little over 1 Gbit/sec.  If your disk controller is
sharing the same bus, that means you can do maybe 500 Mbit/sec, tops.  If
it's in a 64 bit slot, you can double those numbers, but you're still not
leaving much of a margin.

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