[Samba] Mixed domain types - ADS.

Rashaad S. Hyndman IslandBwoy at ToughGuy.net
Tue Nov 23 19:23:50 GMT 2004

The message i'm getting in my windbind log is "Could not fetch sid for our
domain Enterprise"

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Subject: [Samba] Mixed domain types - ADS.

> Hi all,
> I have a question that seems to be an issue when authenticating users for
> ADS.  Before we went to AD we had a 2k domain called Enterprise.  Since
> we created a domain called Corporated.net and all went well. Now i'm
> to add my samba server to that domain but when users log in with their old
> accounts (ie. Enterprise\username) the Samba server does not authenticate
> that user against the DC.  How do i let samba know that my CorporateD.net
> and Enterprise domain users should be authenticated against the same DC?
> Thanks in advance,
> R.
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