[Samba] Problem with certain users logging into a Samba PDC

Martin Rode martin.rode at programmfabrik.de
Tue Nov 23 18:05:12 GMT 2004

Hi there,

We have a problem with our Samba PDC setup, I hope somebody can help!

 From the below example: martin and christ can logon to all Windows 
machines using Samba as the PDC. zeroscale and jeremy cannot logon.
zeroscale and jeremy _can_ connect manually to shares from the Samba 
Server, though.

Server: Samba 3.0.7 on Debian
Clients: Windows 2000 and XP, any Service Pack

Things from the Samba setup:

xen:/etc/samba# egrep "martin|jeremy|zeroscale|christ" smbpasswd
christ:30012:D3B435B5...1404EE:C14C235C87C4:[U          ]:LCT-4147FF1B:
martin:500:51404EE:736D0A3...B7E9697F9:[U          ]:LCT-3BE6DB28:
zeroscale:30069:09416AB8:6C58...C51E9BCC407:[UX         ]:LCT-40BDAB5F:
jeremy:30077:435B51404EE:A8280...7973B89537:[U          ]:LCT-41A32301:

xen:/etc/samba# id christ
uid=30012(christ) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)

xen:/etc/samba# id jeremy
uid=30077(jeremy) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)

xen:/home/samba/profiles# ls -lad christ martin jeremy zeroscale
drwx------  19 christ    users 4096 2004-11-22 20:32 christ
drwx------   2 jeremy    users   17 2004-11-23 13:22 jeremy
drwx------  21 martin    users 4096 2004-11-23 13:52 martin
drwx------  14 zeroscale users 4096 2004-11-09 09:57 zeroscale

 From the Windows 2000 log (FAILED case):

Fehlgeschlagene Anmeldung (unsucessful authentication):
  	Grund:		Während der Anmeldung ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten 
(unexpected error during autentication)
  	Benutzername:	jeremy
  	Domäne:		PFGROUP
  	Anmeldetyp:	2
  	Anmeldevorgang:	User32
  	Authentifizierungspaket:	Negotiate
  	Name der Arbeitsstation:	ULALA

 From the Windows 2000 log (SUCESS case):
Erfolgreiche Anmeldung (sucessful authentication):
  	Benutzername:	martin
  	Domäne:		PFGROUP
  	Anmeldekennung:		(0x0,0x146624)
  	Anmeldetyp:	2
  	Anmeldevorgang:	User32
  	Authentifizierungspaket:	Negotiate
  	Name der Arbeitsstation:	ULALA

Samba Log:
Even on log level 8 for me there was nothing useful in the samba logs. 
And dear developers: These logs are really unusable from a users 

I would like to easily see / read:
* Who logged on and when
* Who did not loggon and why
* Textual distinction between SUCESS and FAILURE
* Consise brief information I can READ and USE
* Example: "setting sec ctx (0, 0) - sec_ctx_stack_ndx = 0" this says 
NOTHING to me :-)!!

Anyway, Samba proves to be the most important tool for us! Good job 

Take Care & Thanks for your support

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