[Samba] request [*] timed out!

Diogo Galvão diogo86galvao at yahoo.com.br
Tue Nov 23 17:59:11 GMT 2004


    I was running Samba 3.0.2a on my server before upgrading the box. 
I'm going to change the Samba version back to it for testing propose, 
because besides the fact that it is the Nautilus/Konqueror which crashes 
(client) my only change was the server (Samba, Kernel, etc).

     I've never had any problem before with the same version of the file 
managers and Samba or Kernel on the client.

    I just wonder if the developers are aware of the bug...

    Thanks any way.

ps: I am new to mailing lists so is it ok to keep the whole message below?

Emmett Culley wrote:

> Diogo Galvão wrote:
>> I've been using Samba for a long but having some trouble now after 
>> changing the server.
>> Here is the environment:
>> Server: Linux Slackware (current / after version 10), Samba 3.0.7, 
>> Kernel 2.4.27
>> Client: Linux Slackware (current / after version 10), Samba 3.0.7, 
>> Kernel
>> The problem:
>> My Linux client crashes most times when reading any Samba mount 
>> point. I've noticed the problem while browsing the directory by 
>> Nautilus (Gnome 2.8.0). Browsing the mount point by a terminal (ls -R 
>> /mnt/smb) is ok. My Windows XP client browses everything fine too.
>> When I say "crash" I mean it becomes stalled. After waiting for a 
>> long (minutes and minutes depending on the quantity of files in the 
>> directory) it gets back.
>> The /var/log/message shows the following:
>> Nov 21 20:18:17 redqueen kernel: smb_add_request: request [d716fe60, 
>> mid=1497] timed out!
>> ... (many times)
>> Nov 21 21:17:14 redqueen kernel: smb_lookup: find mp3/Bush failed, 
>> error=-5
>> ... (for many files in the directory)
>> The logs on the server do not show anything relevant.
>> I've read that it may be cause of the "resolve host" method in the 
>> server. It is configured to use only "host" and the server has 
>> /etc/hosts configured properly as does the client.
>> I really apreciate any help to solve this issue.
>> (sorry for my English)
> I have been having the exact same problem.  Windoze clients have no 
> problems, it seems to be OK when accessing connection via linux 
> terminal, i.e., ls -l /smb/mnt/point, and fails when accessing via 
> file manager, both konqueror and nautilus.
> It started when I upgraded to FC2 and has caused me to use nfs for 
> Linux to Linux connections.  I didn't get any better with FC3 and 
> subsequent updates.
> I can add some additional information:
> Once an SMB mount "crashes" I am unable to umount without -l (i.e., 
> umount -l /smb/mnt/point).  With out the -l parameter I get a "device 
> busy" error.  Once I do umount with -l, I am able mount and access the 
> connection (until it fails again).
> If you need more information I'de be glad to collect and send debug 
> and/or log informaiton.
> Like Diogo, any help would be appreciated.
>   Emmett

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