[Samba] Samba 3.0.9 not authenticating completely

Robert Silvia coolhand1977 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 23 16:56:09 GMT 2004

I'm relatively new to samba I have been experimenting for a week or so, 
though I have setup several 2000/NT domains and have been using Linux 
for a couple of years.

I'm using Red Hat 9, updated completely via apt.

Samba 3.0.9 installed from apt and i am using the stock ldap server that 
installed with red hat as my back end.

I followed the samba.idealx.org guide to get to where I am with my 
current installation.

Currently I have samba setup as a standalone PDC; I can log on to my 
domain from any account I create... I use smbtools for all my 
administration thus far.

But I have a problem, from the logs as far as I can tell it does not 
seem to be completely associating my users, yet I still am able to log 
on and it is verifying from the back end.

I can only connect to shares that have guest = Yes, all other shares 
bring up a login prompt (I only have xp machines to test).

Can any point me in the right direction?

I have a work around for this but I feel that this is not the best way 
to resolve this.

Home shares are done via:

comment = Home
path = /home/samba/homes/%U
browseable = Yes
guest ok = Yes
read only = no
directory mask = 0775
create mask = 0664

All publics shares follow the same premise as above without the use of 

I've attached a log from when I attempted to view my homes share (when I 
had it setup), it's a much smaller log then what is generated when I log 
into the domain... hopefully it will contain something useful (I can 
generate another one if needed). The user trying to authenticate in this 
log is “cornbread”, that should make searching it a little easier.


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