[Samba] roaming profiles not saved over VPN

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Tue Nov 23 15:56:13 GMT 2004


I'm currently planning an environment which will survive any disaster 
like domain controller crash:

    |      |
PDC01 client01

PDC01 and PDC02 are domain controllers, and have identical smb.confs.

client01 is a client, has WINS servers set to PDC01 and PDC02.

users / passwords are replicated using LDAP.

Now, under normal operations, clients is authenticated against PDC01 
which is in the same LAN, downloads profile, works, logs off, profile is 

But when I switch PDC01 off, user can authenticate against PDC02 over 
VPN, but the roaming profile is not transferred after he/she logs out.

Does anyone have any explanation?

PDC01 and PDC02 have *identical* configurations - the only difference is 
that PDC02 is behind a VPN.


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