[Samba] making winxp machine a member of the domain

Nandan Rao nanacadmail at yahoo.co.in
Tue Nov 23 13:01:35 GMT 2004

    I am using Samba 3.0.7. on  a Red Hat 9 system. I
tried to configure the machine as a PDC by using a
configuration file quite similar to what is giving in
the    chapter 4.Windows NT domains of 'Using Samba'
2nd edition by Orielly. 
    Using testparm shows that the machine has been
identified as a PDC of the domain 'hamsateam.' To test
the PDC, I tried to make a WinXP Professional a member
of the domain by following the instructions given in 
chapter 3.Configuring Windows Clients. On the xp
machine, clicking OK after changing the domain name to
hamsateam shows a box asking for a username and
password. I entered   the user name as 'root' and
password as 'test'('test' was the password I used with
passwd -a root on the pdc.). However, I am getting the
following error:
 "The following error occured while attempting to join
the domain "hamsateam": user name could not be found".
 Unless and until I cross this step, I won't be able
to test the pdc.
 Attached, find the contents of smb.conf.

 Waiting for  a reply,
And thanks in advance.

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