[Samba] Winbind and changing directories

Adam Lins adam at bdti.com
Tue Nov 23 01:53:50 GMT 2004


I installed Samba 3.0.7-1.3E on a RHEL 3.0 box. 

I've got Winbind configured and talking nicely to my Win2k Active Directory

None of my user accounts are in /etc/passwd--yet. There's no need, as
winbind handles authentication and locating the user's directory. I like the
idea of that, because I can administer user accounts from the AD box.

However, cd ~user doesn't work anymore. I guess I expected the cd built-in
command for bash or tcsh to use getent to locate the user directory, but it
doesn't seem to. This is going to be inconvenient for everyone. 

Has anyone else had this problem and found a cure? 
Did it involve creating an alias or substitute cd command, or just adding
local users to /etc/passwd?

Thanks in advance,

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