[Samba] request [*] timed out!

Emmett Culley emmett at mindpie.com
Tue Nov 23 01:06:14 GMT 2004

Diogo Galvão wrote:
> I've been using Samba for a long but having some trouble now after 
> changing the server.
> Here is the environment:
> Server: Linux Slackware (current / after version 10), Samba 3.0.7, 
> Kernel 2.4.27
> Client: Linux Slackware (current / after version 10), Samba 3.0.7, 
> Kernel
> The problem:
> My Linux client crashes most times when reading any Samba mount point. 
> I've noticed the problem while browsing the directory by Nautilus (Gnome 
> 2.8.0). Browsing the mount point by a terminal (ls -R /mnt/smb) is ok. 
> My Windows XP client browses everything fine too.
> When I say "crash" I mean it becomes stalled. After waiting for a long 
> (minutes and minutes depending on the quantity of files in the 
> directory) it gets back.
> The /var/log/message shows the following:
> Nov 21 20:18:17 redqueen kernel: smb_add_request: request [d716fe60, 
> mid=1497] timed out!
> ... (many times)
> Nov 21 21:17:14 redqueen kernel: smb_lookup: find mp3/Bush failed, error=-5
> ... (for many files in the directory)
> The logs on the server do not show anything relevant.
> I've read that it may be cause of the "resolve host" method in the 
> server. It is configured to use only "host" and the server has 
> /etc/hosts configured properly as does the client.
> I really apreciate any help to solve this issue.
> (sorry for my English)

I have been having the exact same problem.  Windoze clients have no 
problems, it seems to be OK when accessing connection via linux 
terminal, i.e., ls -l /smb/mnt/point, and fails when accessing via file 
manager, both konqueror and nautilus.

It started when I upgraded to FC2 and has caused me to use nfs for Linux 
to Linux connections.  I didn't get any better with FC3 and subsequent 

I can add some additional information:

Once an SMB mount "crashes" I am unable to umount without -l (i.e., 
umount -l /smb/mnt/point).  With out the -l parameter I get a "device 
busy" error.  Once I do umount with -l, I am able mount and access the 
connection (until it fails again).

If you need more information I'de be glad to collect and send debug 
and/or log informaiton.

Like Diogo, any help would be appreciated.


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