[Samba] Help with ERROR message, adding machine to ADS server

Gregg Smith gsmith at chroma.com
Mon Nov 22 18:52:27 GMT 2004

I get this error message when trying to add my Samba 3.0.8 machine to a
windows 2000 ADS.  I've searched the forums and the web for anyone else with
this error with no luck.

net ads join -U Administrator
Administrator's password: 
[2004/11/22 13:38:58, 0] libads/ldap.c:ads_add_machine_acct(1366)
  ads_add_machine_acct: Host account for jeeves2 already exists - modifying
old account
Using short domain name -- OFFICE
[2004/11/22 13:38:58, 0] libads/kerberos.c:get_service_ticket(335)
  get_service_ticket: kerberos_kinit_password
Segmentation fault

I know why I'm getting the first error but, what is a service ticket and why
is the server showing the domain twice?  Any help would be appreciated.


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