[Samba] Fedora Core 3 and Samba

Paul Espinosa pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
Mon Nov 22 17:25:08 GMT 2004

Over the last week I've upgraded one of my samba servers to FC3.  I ran into
some problems joining XP machines to the domain.  Tracing back the problem
I've found that FC3 has changed the behavior of the useradd/adduser script. 
It will no longer allow a UNIX account to be added to the system that has a
'$' in it.  I've verified this behavior by trying it at the command line, it
doesn't work there and give the error:

	root at server(~): useradd newer\$
	useradd: invalid user name 'newer$

Upon speculation we believe this might be to bring Fedora/Redhat user utils
in line with POSIX standards.  Under POSIX this is the Portable Filename
Charcterset which is as follows:


Notice no '$'.  But the standard goes on to say extended characters are
allowed, but it will result in noncompliant use...

This is behaving this way on a test server and the latest Redhat ES (running
on our production server) still works fine.  But I'm concerned that they'll
move ES/AS etc. to behaving the same way.

If this is a direction that Redhat moves to, and possibly other
distributions (assuming it's truly POSIX standards driving this), this seems
like it may have a big impact on Samba when trying to add a machine to the

I don't know if this is something Fedora/Redhat has done on purpose or by
accident, but it seems to hurt Samba.

Any help or info would be appreciated.

Paul Espinosa
pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
IT Supervisor
The World Company

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