[Samba] Cross-subnet browsing, with a twist

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at videotron.ca
Mon Nov 22 16:42:17 GMT 2004


We have a server being hosted in a data center.  We would like to use it 
  as our PDC.  I got the remote browse sync and announce figured out. 
But, if possible, we would prefer not have the domain/workgroup 
advertised on the subnet where the PDC reside and conversely not receive 
the browse list for workgroup hosted on the PDC subnet on our local net. 
  Right now, I firewalled the subnet address for UDP 137 and 138 on the 
PDC, but it break name resolution for reasons I don't understand.  Are 
there a better way to do that ?

Feel free to ask for clarification if you don't understand.  I'm trying 
to be concise, but I admit the I have problem formulating the problem to 
myself !

Etienne Goyer

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