[Samba] Re: XP Pro Folder Redirection / Roaming Profiles Question

Garth Lezama garthpl at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 15:53:26 GMT 2004

Hi folks, I running samba 3.x in PDC mode with an ldap
backend. Works great! I use roaming profiles with
folder redirection on win2k, no problem. Here's the
issue, I have a few machines that run xp pro that I
need to give the users domain access but NOT roaming
profiles. So, I have disabled roaming profiles on the
pcs by using the "no propagate changes to the server"
and "only allow local profiles" in the group policy
editor on the pc. However, when I logon as a domain
user it's still loading their domain registry and thus
redirecting folders to the PDC. Is there any way
around this?

I want the users to be able to logon with their
roaming profiles on the win2k machines but logon with
a local profile on the xp pro machines. The reason is
that the xp machines are media creation machines which
would result in massive profiles. I am open to an
alternate method to achieve the same objective.

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